I’m a multi-skilled designer who likes to solve problems and create interactive design solutions that help people. I enjoy working with interdependent teams made up of individuals who are skilled and passionate about their discipline. Projects that have the potential to make a positive difference for people motivate me the most.

I'm currently looking to work with a team who intend to use the power of design to make the world a better place. If you'd like to work together send me a message.


Print4Change was growing their company and expanding their business and with that growth they decided it was time to rebrand themselves, with the help of Studio Mpls, to Latitude. With a new brand they were also in need of a new website where they could share Latitude with the world. As a designer at Sevnthsin, I worked with the Latitude team and designers at Studio Mpls to design the website for Latitude.

This one logo, made from many overlapping lines, for Design By America represents both American iconography, and the ideals fueling the mission of Design By America.

The star shape is recognizable first as an American icon, but it's also the shape of Mahatma Gandhi's spinning wheel visible in Margaret Bourke-White's 1974 Life Magazine photo. Gandhi and the Swadeshi movement inspire the goal of Design By America to champion self-reliance in the United States.

These badges are used to visually display additional information about products featured on the site DesignbyAmerica.com. They act as an additional badge of honor, or merit, for products that are handmade, union-made, military-made, organic, and/or limited editions, etc.

Design By America aims to reconnect people to the origins and elements of American made products. Through storytelling, Design By America intends to ignite desire for products made in the USA.

DesignbyAmerica.com is a fully responsive site I designed, at Sevnthsin, to display the content of these stories and deliver a full experience to all screen sizes. Once the design direction was approved, I built a front-end style guide to test the layout in the web browser. I worked closely with the developer to prototype pages and design solutions to challenges discovered in the process of making the site work for all screen sizes.

Zeus Jones asked Sevnthsin to help them create a mobile application for their client Purina to promote the new Be Happy line of pet food. Using the Be Happy brand elements, I designed this purikura style app to 'Share The Happy' through Twitter, Facebook and email.

Be Happy by Purina is designed for and available for both iPhone and Android devices.
The app also directs users to the Be Happy by Purina Facebook page which is full of pets and a whole lot of happiness.

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